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Nibble Me This

Clamps and Suction…Pain and Sensation…

As I said in my last post, we sultry phone fetish Mistresses  love playing with nipples.  Okay, I mostly like playing with my own, but yours can keep me amused for a while.  There are so many toys, for when I get tired of using my hands and my mouth that we can explore. Trust me!



Clamps- Retro or…Modern?

Retro it out!

True pain sluts love clamps.   You can go retro and just use some wooden clothespins, or you can go modern-up to you really, when we play, it won’t matter.  I like  that most of them are adjustable, so I can dial in just enough pressure.  I think that if you’re new to nipple play that might be the way to go, because as we play more and toughen up those little nubs, we can slowly dial up the pressure.

Clamps cause sensation when they go on, but nothing like the sensation you get when they come off!  You don’t know whether to beg me to take them off, or just let them stay on, do you? One of my favorite games to play is to put them one, and then whip them off with a crop or a flogger ah…true showmanship if there ever was! And I do believe in puttin’ on a show during a session. Just…sets the right atmosphere I think. Hey! Why are you running away?

The Snake Bite Kit

Living here down in the South, we’ve got a few rattlesnakes around, so you can find Snake Bite Kits all over the place.  The kit I have isn’t for treating snakebites – no but I’d drive you to the hospital if you did get bit.  Those little yellow suction cups are great for nipple play.  I have to get your nipples all wet first, so I’ll lick and suck on them for a bit, before I slip that over, and it sucks your nipple right up.  I LOVE these because I find even the most whiny nipple slut can tolerate these for a long time – although you do have to be careful, because they will leave bruises – although they look like hickey’s, so that isn’t all bad, now is it? Well?


18 comments to Nibble Me This

  • magnus

    Mmmm Ms Sloane. I did mention before how I love nipple play. I did, right? Oh yeah of course I did.

    I’ve tried clothespins before and they work okay but they don’t really pinch as hard as I would like. They look nice and I would live to try having them flicked off like you describe. Hmm. I suppose I could try the trick of tying them to a string and the other end to a door and slamming said door. Hmmm. I may just give that a try.

    You’re so right on the pain of taking them off. When the blood rushes back to my abused nipples it does hurt. But… It does hurt in a wonderful way. One thing not mentioned here is that with the clover clamps a Mistress could hang a weight or two from the chain. Personally though I just enjoy the dull ache the clamps give me – never able to ignore that they’re on.

    As for the snakebite kit it sounds like something I’d be willing to try. Especially if you licked my nipples first. 😉 A question though. I’ve seen in some porn. I mean umm a friend has told me about some porn he’s see where a more elaborate suction device has been used and I wonder if that’s the same thing or more intense than the snakebite kit. This thing had a pressure gauge on it. So I was told anyway.

  • kneel

    So many visions of ways for YOU to tease, torment and abuse nipples, that i can’t wait for YOU to command me to try each and every one of them and then report back on the varying sensations. And magnus, I have one of those friends who told me, the little hard plastic caps that look like mini penis pumps and attach to a vacuum pump make my oops, her nipples swell to fill the entire space and ache soo good. You just don’t get that sharp pain that we’ve come to love when the are removed. So I’m told.

  • little1

    Mistress does the snake bite kit work well with a pet with very small nipples? Will it help bring them out?

  • Oh my magnus…

    just reading your very stimulating ideas
    on nipple play and what does it for you…
    did it for me! LOL

    I did consider the weights of course,
    I certainly like using them in session-
    but thought it might be daunting to some first-timers.

    Your friend, the one who watches porn
    and keeps you in the loop, LOL sure is a good one! 😉
    As for the suction and amount of pressure…hmmm…
    likely not as strong as what you described-
    send me a link if your…friend has it-I’d like to see,
    but I will say, once licked…it is hard to pull off those cups! 😉

  • I’m ready to play when you are kneel 🙂
    Oh, so these toys are like the suction from
    breast pumps that nursing women use?

    That puts it into better perspective.
    I’ve seen those in action and the suction-wow!
    That much huh? mmm…sounds like fun to me! 🙂

  • Yes little1, it does.
    Even to the point of pulling out
    inverted and shy little nipples. 🙂

  • kneel

    Not exactly like a breast pump, but a clear, hard plastic cylinder, between the size of a lipstick tube and the tube of chapstick that is used to ensure a good seal between the skin and the open end, with a small connector at the other with a one-way flutter valve that holds the suction once applied so the tubing can be used on several different appliances in short order. My friend says (with a bit of a grimmace) it is really fascinating to watch and feel his nipples swell to fill the entire space. After they are thoroughly engorged, the suction caps can be removed, and then the real nipple torture can begin with all of the tools mentioned above. i must confess, however, i still find YOUR fingers and nails, along with YOUR teeth to be the most stimulating for my nipples. For what it’s worth. 😀

  • magnus

    I got the link (from my friend, yeah him) and sent it, Ms Sloane. Curious on what you think about it.

    Here’s another serious question. Would weights on the clamp chain cause any sort of permanent harm? (I know you never do that and thank goodness for that.) But I mean like with bondage are there things to watch out for to stay within the realm of safety? I know there are for the wax and I’ve seen admonitions on that before.

  • Oh thank you kneel! 🙂
    I wasn’t able to look up what I wanted to yesterday-
    never had a chance. This certainly clears it up AND
    makes me want to FIND one! LOL

    Talk about some awesome sensation play! 😉
    I can sit back now and just imagine…

  • With BDSM and play, there is always the need to be vigilant
    simply due to the nature of what us kinksters enjoy-

    Yes magnus, always the chance to cause harm, especially
    with fragile tissue and clamps and the removal of them-
    with or without weights involved.

    Common sense and a little planning
    usually help to avoid permanent harm. 🙂

  • Very illuminating kneel 😉
    And I’m thinking what possibilities abound-
    hehehe…all the fun ideas popping into my head…
    make it difficult to concentrate on typing! LOL

  • Great post Sloane! I’m a fan of the retro nipple clamps…old fashioned clothes pins. For one thing, they’ll go through airport security without so much as an arched eyebrow! I love the ones strung together….that can be strategically placed and then the cord pulled (yanked) the the exact right moment. OH! There really is a noise that the male submissive makes that I am unable to describe! ~grinz~

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  • Delia

    Ms. Olivia –

    I also am a huge fan of retro or non-traditional clamps. Usually I usually go for the sucking types. What a wicked idea to make the clothespins zipper! That is fun anywhere on the body. Have you ever seen one of those on a cock? It is lovely.

    I know the sound you mean! No words describe it.


  • Sloane

    Why thank you Ms Olivia! 🙂
    I’m a huge (nooo….really?) fan of retro, noir, that kind of thing-
    makes sessions seem to have more…oomph to them! 🙂

    I’ll be honest, having never, ever, not once, stepped foot on a plane (for real)
    nor been in an airport (shudder) I’ll take your word for that one
    (not setting off airport security) but so good to know! 🙂

    Ah…yes…that ‘noise’ is so wonderful to hear, isn’t it? 😉

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