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This week is brought to you by the letter Q


Mistress Delia

Hardcore Mistress 800 601 6975

I love it when my submissives will be my throne.  To allow me to sit regally upon their faces while they service my needs.  Queening goes by many other names – facesitting and pussy worship to name but a few.  It’s such a powerful feeling, to be seated upon some poor sub, his mouth against my pussy, and his nose rubbing my clit.  All the while, I can completely direct the action, and position him just where I want him.

The Queening Chair

I have had a special chair made just for queening.  It’s padded in all the right places, but the center is cut out.  It’s wonderful to have a naked slave slide underneath it, while I sit upon it.  Often, I’m wearing my leather dress, so I can drape it over him so I don’t have to see his pathetically small, excited cock.  He gets access through my crotchless panties.  Sometimes, I’ll tease him by hovering just out of reach.  I sometimes think they’re going to sprain their tongue reaching for me!  While he’s tonguing my clit, I might use my spike heeled boots to play with his cock.

Sometime simple is best

There are times when I don’t use my chair.  I just have the lucky boy lie down on the floor, and lower myself ever so slowly to his waiting mouth.  Sometimes, I’m facing his head, and he can look up my body as I play with my bountiful breasts, squeezing the flesh and pinching my sensitive nipples.  I can be pretty devious though, and spin around into a 69 position, so that I can tease his prick.  Bringing him to the edge, over and over again while he brings me to ever higher levels of ecstasy is such a fun game to play.  His performance decides whether he gets to cum or not!

3 comments to This week is brought to you by the letter Q

  • kneel

    MMMmmm, MS DELIA, YOU know there are very few other places that i would rather be being beneath YOUR gorgeous body, using my lips, tongue, nose and mustache to provide for YOUR pleasure in every way imaginable; for as long as possible.

  • Oh I do enjoy queening Ms Delia…:)
    It definitely puts a subbie’s perspective in order! 😉

  • magnus

    The wonderful thing about BDSM is that there are so many things that fall under its umbrella, some to like and some for others to like. This is one of the things I like. What better way to have a willing sub serve than to have him up close and personal with that most treasured area of a woman? (Yeah, rhetorical question.) She controlling the tempo and the access. I’d even imagine the Queening chair as having bolts on the sides to chain my wrists to.

    I will say though the only downside is I do not favor breath play at all so I wouldn’t want to be in a position where I couldn’t breathe.

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