Urethral Sounds

Ms. Delia has A Urethral Sound Story which involves my BDSM Questionnaire!

Urethral Sounds

Urethral Sounds 800 601 6975

When I meet with submissives in real-time, I have them fill out a BDSM questionnaire that lists out all kinds of fetishes, so I know what their likes, dislikes and limits are.  The questionnaire is for both my male and female subs, so there are questions that might not apply to one or the other.  I always get a laugh when my male subs say the “triple penetration” doesn’t apply to them.

No Holes Barred

You all know what triple penetration is.  You’ve seen it in porn, where the “no holes barred” slut takes on three guys – or even better three other girls with strap-ons! – all at the same time.  Well, when my sub tells me he doesn’t have three holes, I correct him.  “But I don’t have a pussy, Mistress!”  they say.  Well, yes you do, bitch, you just call it your ass!  You do have a third hole.  Its medical term is the meatus – it’s that hole at the top of your cock that spews all that sticky white cum on those rare occasions I allow release!  And it can be fucked!  Just not with a thick cock, like your sissy pussy.  No, we’ll need something thin – even thinner than your pathetic cock.  We’ll need a nice, stainless steel sound.

Sounds can Enable Triple Penetration

Imagine that you’re lying on your back, I’m over you in a 69 position, with my strap-on cock deep in your throat, and working another dildo deep in your ass.  Then I pull out the sound, and lube it up real well.  Holding your hard cock in one hand, I pinch the head a bit, and that hole opens right up, so I can just let the sound drop in, slowly.  Once it’s in as far as it will go, I start to pull it back out, and then back in again, fucking your cock.  Meanwhile, you keep sucking on my cock, and I’ll use my other hand to fuck your ass.  Just think how much fun it would be if Ms. Sloane were there to give you a proper ass-fucking!  Now, you’re our “no holes barred” bitch!

DISCLAIMER: The insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra can present serious medical problems and if not conducted carefully, sounding can cause irritation, urinary tract infections, and tearing of the urethra.

DISCLAIMER 2: Only use sterile sounds from a sounding set as sounds.

5 comments to Urethral Sounds

  • little1

    Goddess the thought of having all my holes filled for you. The last with something like this http://www.stockroom.com/Head-Ring-w-Penis-Plug-P2613.aspx

  • magnus

    Can I just skip to the part with Ms Sloane fucking my ass and leave it at that? :)

    OK, here’s a question. Do women do sounding too? I know their urethrae are much shorter than men’s for obvious reason (or insert SPH joke here if you like) and are also more prone to UTI’s because of it, but is the technique ever done with them?

  • Sloane

    Good question magnus,
    Personally, I haven’t dommed any women wanting this-
    (I will! In real life! Jus’ sayin’) but I’ve heard that some do, yes.
    I preform this with ‘sterile field technique’ but as it caters to the medical fetish
    more than a lot of the others and I know, is a turn off to you, don’t do it often.

    As with anything that goes in those areas, there is always a risk for infection.
    shrugs…same as getting a cut. I just minimize what I can and make sure my subbie understands.
    After that? It is fun! No, really! :)

  • Sloane

    Aren’t you just a surprise little1?
    I would’ve never guessed!
    Now it just makes me ache to domme you again! 😉

  • kneel

    Oh the visual of accepting a TP from both YOU wonderful MISTRESSES, it for no other reason to prove the level of my devotion and commitment to having my limits lifted and boundaries stretched. YOU haven’t been wrong yet on expanding my mind to finding pleasure in things i never imagined.

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