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Urethral Sounds

You’re Gonna’ Stick What Where?!

Like Rocky Mountain Oysters and possum pie, urethral sounds are an acquired taste.  Most guys, you tell them you’re going to stuff something inside their cock, they’re going to run screaming!  For those that engage in this type of play, it’s a very important part of their fetish fantasy.  ***Here’s the very important safety warning:  ONLY DO THIS WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS EXPERIENCE WITH THIS FETISH AND IN REAL LIFE! *** You DO NOT want to show up at the ER with this kind of injury.  Besides the humiliation that you do not want, (nurse’s laugh-a lot) the injuries that could be caused could be life altering.  As in, your cock will never work right ever again.  Get it? That’s probably not the kind of chastity you’re looking for. Are we entirely clear? Good.

Why Would You Want To Do This?

The short answer is because you enjoy it.  I know, I know, you’d don’t believe me.  It’s true though.  For some submissives, having a sound inserted into their penis is a very pleasurable experience – some say it’s even close to the same feeling that get from prostate massage.  For other’s it’s a way of pushing their limits and doing something extreme, perhaps only to please their Mistress.

Well, okay, to please you Mistress, I’ll try it

Players use all kinds of implements – glass thermometers, pens, markers, straws.  Do I really need to tell you that none of those are safe?  Hello, mercury poisoning anyone?  If you’re going to try this, get yourself a nice set of urethral sounds.  They will come in a number of sizes, and you’ll start with the thinnest ones first.  I’d also recommend a set of the “Van Buren” type, they have a J- shaped bend in them so they won’t get…lost.  You want to use LOTS AND LOTS of lube.  Think you’ve got enough, there?  WRONG, you never have enough lube.  Then, put it at the little hole and relax, let it just drop in.  DO NOT force it.  If you have to force it, then you need a smaller size.  Forcing a sound inside your cock can cause tearing, which can lead to UTI’s.  If it’s an enjoyable feeling, then great!  You’ve just added another kink to your repertoire (thank God for spell check!).  If not, well, you’ve tried it, and you get an A for effort…oh, wait, that’s the Kink Classroom….


DISCLAIMER: The insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra can present serious medical problems and if not conducted carefully, sounding can cause irritation, urinary tract infections, and tearing of the urethra.

DISCLAIMER 2: Only use sterile sounds from a sounding set as sounds.


4 comments to Urethral Sounds

  • kneel

    uhhm! I know some people get their kicks in strange ways. I’ve looked at a few of those sound kits on line. I just can’t help thinking about being catherized. The nurse didn’t start small, and your note about lots of lube went unheeded. i think i will have to pass on this one for phone play. (at least till my next kinky checkup.)

  • LOL no worries kneel-
    I won’t do this via phone.
    Simply an education guide.
    Prostate exams however…;)

  • magnus

    I’m going to have to be in the “not only no but hell no” category too. I will say that this is a good use of a ‘U’ term but that’s where I leave it. 🙂 Sounding has always seemed like something too risky to try for those reasons you just listed. I’m much more in tune with the idea of something coming out of my cock than putting something into it. 😉

  • Sloane

    LOL no worries magnus 🙂
    Remember, for education only 🙂
    I don’t do this unless in a real life setting
    and with real life stuff (gloves, antiseptic, etc)
    and don’t think I don’t see that face you’re making! 🙂

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